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  High Pressure DTH Hammers and Button Bits
Vikay is a Global Supplier of High Pressure DTH Hammers and Button Bits from India
DTH hammers manufactured in valve and valveless designs to minimize energy consumption and Maintenance for easy and convenient for disassembly and reassembly operations.
High Pressure DTH Hammers
Drill Bits
DTH hammer and Bits are manufactured to the international specifications from the best quality Alloy Steel, Machined to High precision and Supreme Standards. The product are heat treated in the most modern and fully process controlled Plant.
Water Well Drilling, Mining and Quarry, Construction and Civil Engineering.
Product Features
Higher rate of penetration
Reduced number of parts & Compact Structure for wear and tear
Reduced maintenance cost.
Avoidance of back hammering and blocking etc.
Higher product life.
The capacity and capability to perform at higher pressure (80 – 350
DTH Hammer    :  3” (68 mm OD) to 12” (275 mm OD)
Button Bits        :  3” (76 mm) to 24” (610 mm)
Udex Bits          :  4” x 6” to 10” x 12”
Drilling Pipes   : Friction welded and Induction Hardening
                             2 ½” (63 mm) to 5 ½” (138 mm)
Others              : Drifter Bits, Clay Bits, rammer Bits, etc.
Drilling Pipes
Drilling Pipes
Button Bits
Button Bits
Udex Bits
Udex Bits
Since approvement are made from time to time, the illustration and specifications are subject to change without notice.
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