10" DTH Hammers - VD10S x 225

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10" High Pressure DTH Hammer - VD10S x 225

Vikay is a global supplier of 10" High Pressure DTH Hammer Model VD10S x 225 from India.

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Technical Details  

Model VD10S x 225
Outer Diameter 225mm  (8.85")
Hammer Length 1220mm (48")
Hammer Weight 218kg  (480 lbs)
Coupler Thread Size      6 5/8â€ API | Reg Pin

Air Consumption, cmf 

150psi    250psi   
Min    Max    Min    Max   
650 1080 1230 1690

Air Consumption, m3/min

10 bar 18 bar
Min    Max    Min    Max   
18.5 30.6 35 47.5


Bit Shank
No Foot Valve Required      
10" To And Above

Since aprovement are made from time to time, the illustration and specifications are subject to change without notice


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