Pneumatic Ventilation Fan

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Pneumatic Ventilation Fan

Vikay Pneumatic Ventilation Fan VK-PVF16 for Underground Metal Mines

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Pneumatic Ventilation Fan is designed for underground metal mines, tunnels, Gold mines and Shaft Sinking, to remove Blasting Fumes very quickly and deliver fresh air into the mines. Over all weight 25 Kg. completely balanced to run at 4000 RPM. Fitted with precision ball and roller bearing for long life.

Technical Details

Flanger Outer Dia 22
Impeller Outer Dia 16"
Impeller Type 6 Blades Dynamic Balanced
Body & Impeller Aluminum
RPM 4000
Air Consumption 82 cfm  @  800 feet
Air Delivery 2000 cfm @ 800 feet
Air Connection 1 Hose
Water Gauge 50  75mm 23Approx.
Weight 25 Kgs

Flow Chart

Air Supply  Air consumed Volume of Ventilated air at distance  
    200 feet   600 Feet 800 Feet  
60 psig  63 cfm 3500 cfm 2500 cfm 2000 cfm
70 psig 71cfm 4000cfm 2750cfm 2250cfm
80 psig 82 cfm 4250 cfm 3000 cfm 2500 cfm

Since approvement are made from time to time, the illustration and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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