Wagon Drill - DTH Hammer

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Wagon Drill DTH version VKPWD-DTH

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Vikay Pneumatic Wagon Drill suitable for Top Hammer and Down the Hold Drilling

A robust rubber tyre three wheel pneumatic Wagon Drill, with the option of TH version - Top Hammer and DTH Version - Down-the-hole Hammer, which is an alternative to mechanization of hand held drilling.

The Wagon Drill design for production drilling in open-cast mines and quarry, grouting, anchoring with special shortened mast, used for production drilling in underground mines.
Optional - Conversion Kit to convert TH version to DTH Version and Vice-versa.

DTH version (Down-The-Hole Hammer)
The DTH version is fitted with powerful piston type rotation Air motor, Type BBR-4, suitable for Pneumatic 3- and 4- DTH Hammers. Offering a wide selection of drill hole sizes from 85 to 130 mm, and depth upto 40 Meters.

Technical Details
DTH Version (Down-The-Hole hammer)

Rotation Drive Unit Type BBR-4, Thread - API 2 3/8-
Hole Diameter 85 - 130 mm  
Drill Tube Diameter 70 / 76 mm
Drill Tube Length 1.20 Meter, 2.50 Meter, 3 Meter
Max. Operating Pressure   12 Bar Max.
Maximum Torque 900 Nm
Air consumption 450 CFM @ 10.5 Bar
Suitable Hammer 3", 4" Hammer

 Feed and boom

Feed type Chain drive
Feed length, total   5,430 mm, 4425 mm, 2825 mm
Travel length 3,940 mm, 2200 mm, 1500 mm
Feed force 8 kN  1,800 lbf
Boom type Single section Hand Operated Hyd. Cylinder
Drill control panel Side mounted


Traction type Pneumatic wheel drive
Tramming speed, max   2 km/h  1.3 mph
Traction force, max 7.8 kN  1,750 lbf
Hill climbing ability 20 degrees
Track oscillation N/A
Ground clearance 310 mm  1-

Since approvement are made from time to time, the illustration and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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