Wagon Drill - Top Hammer

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Wagon Drill TH version VKPWD-TH 

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Vikay Pneumatic Wagon Drill suitable for Top Hammer and Down the Hold Drilling. 

A robust rubber tyre three wheel pneumatic Wagon Drill, with the option of TH version - Top Hammer and DTH Version - Down-the-hole Hammer, which is an alternative to mechanization of hand held drilling.

The Wagon Drill design for production drilling in open-cast mines and quarry, grouting, anchoring with special shortened mast, used for production drilling in underground mines.
Optional - Conversion Kit to convert TH version to DTH Version and Vice-versa.

TH version (Top Hammer)
The TH version of is equipped with the robust Pneumatic Top Hammer with rifle bar rotation model VK-12 Pneumatic Drifter, well known for its simplicity and reliability. Suitable for hole sizes from 48 - 76 mm and depth upto 20 - 40 Meters.

Technical Details
TH Version (Top hammer)

Pneumatic drifter VK - 12
Hole Diameter 48 - 76 mm
Drill Steel R32, R38, T38
Drill Steel Length 1.20 Meter, 2.50 Meter, 3 Meter
Air consumption 400 CFM @ 7 Bar

 Feed and boom

Feed type Chain drive
Feed length, total  5,430 mm, 4425 mm, 2825 mm
Travel length 3,940 mm, 2200 mm, 1500 mm
Feed force 8 kN 1,800 lbf
Boom type Single section Hand Operated Hyd. Cylinder
Drill control panel Side mounted


Traction type Pneumatic wheel drive
Tramming speed, max  2 km/h   1.3 mph
Traction force, max 7.8 kN   1,750 lbf
Hill climbing ability 20 degrees
Track oscillation N/A
Ground clearance 310 mm   1-

Since approvement are made from time to time, the illustration and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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